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Yasuo Deguchi

Old literature stuffed away in the underground storage space of a library; arithmetic texts from 18th Century Germany; reading material collecting dust in an obscure corner of a tourist site –filled with the prankster spirit, this philosopher enjoys reading and advocating for these materials that nobody else reads. Thoroughly dislikes doing the same things that others do, he regards Iou Kuroda and Taiyo Matsumoto (both manga artists) as rivals.

Research Field: Applied Philosophy, Analytic Asian Philosophy


Masahiko Mizutani

When I took up my post as the Head of Philosophy (logic!), I was relieved that ethics was not a requirement – but in actual fact I have been burdened by ethics for fifteen years since my transfer. So vexed am I by this development that each day I endeavour to ensure that my suffering is shared with as many young people as possible. I cannot deny that I am indulging in a masochistic kind of pleasure; I’m a middle-aged guy who recognises that to communicate this suffering and pleasure is one of his responsibilities.

Research Field: Ethics

Tesuharu Iseda

Natural Science researchers have been increasingly remarking to me that “philosophy of science is useless” or rather that #it does more harm than good”. I respond by saying, “It’s not a discipline that is designed to be useful to you”. There is, however, a need to re-examine the raison d’être of various disciplines from an ethical perspective the purpose of education and the role of public support. This is the reason why I specialise in areas such as philosophy of science and ethics.

Research Field: Philosophy of Science, Ethics

Satoshi Kodama

Around the end of the 20th Century, when the Head of the Center (Professor Mizutani) was saying that he had reached fuwaku (the age of forty, the age at which it is traditionally thought that one becomes free from vacillation), I assumed that I would also become a person of wisdom when I turned forty – I now know from experience that this is not the case. Similarly, ethics and applied ethics is also an area in which empirical knowledge is necessary, but from personal experience, it is not necessarily the case that somebody with a lot of experience is always correct; and so I hope that anyone will feel comfortable in participating in our discussions.

Research Field: Early Modern and Contemporary Ethics esp. Utilitarianism, Bioethics

Daisuke Kaida

I first studied physics at university, then completed my Masters in the philosophy of quantum mechanics, then completed my Doctorate coursework in the philosophy of mind, then went to England to pursue studies in metaphysics. I seem to have made quite a detour but actually my awareness of issues hasn’t really changed since I was twenty; I have long been concerned about how our minds are placed in the physical world.

Research Field: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science


Gen Nakao
Specially appointed Associate Professor: Otemon Gakuin University
Leon Horsten
Professor: University of Konstanz
Takashi Uemura
Professor: Fukuyama Heisei University
Research Field:Ethics
Shunsuke Yatabe
West Japan Railway Company
Research Field:Logic
Nobutsugu Kanzaki
Professor: Nanzan University
Research Field:Ethics
Minao Kukita
Associate Professor: Nagoya University
Chun-Ying Wang
MEPO Humanity Technology Inc.
Tora Koyama
Senior Lecturer: Yamaguchi University
Yoko Kito
Associate Professor: National Institute of Technology, Nagano College
Kaori Karasawa
Professor: The University of Tokyo
Shunsuke Sugimoto
Associate Professor: Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University
Shunzo Majima
Professor:Tokyo Institute of Technology
Makoto Kureha
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor: Osaka University


Yuki Takagi

Steering Committee

Shinji Kosugi Professor of Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University
Kazuyoshi Tanaka Professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
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