Call for Papers for Selected Papers

Deadline: the end of February
the end of March

Dear Participants,
We are very happy to announce that Japanese Association for Contemporary and Applied Philosophy (JACAP) agreed that it provided a special issue of its journal, Contemporary and Applied Philosophy for Selected Papers of 2nd

All speakers, including invited ones, are encouraged to submit their papers (based on their presentations in this conference) to the special issue.

All submitted papers are to be refereed in accordance with the procedures and policies of the journal, and only accepted ones are to be published in the issue. We will let you know, through a direct email, relevant information including the journal’s procedures and policies in due course.
Initial important information is as follows.

※ Contemporary and Applied Philosophy is an open access full online journal.

※ All papers have to be written in English up to 8,000 words.

※ The deadline for the submission will be the end of February 2015.

The WORD format for submitted papers will be uploaded in the webpage of 2nd CCPEA in due course. Please download it, and edit your paper by yourself in accordance with the format. Please submit your paper as a PDF document. No specific format is required at the timing of submission. Once your paper is accepted, we will ask you to format it in accordance with the editorial policy of JACAP.

※ The right to publish an accepted paper belongs to both its author(s) and Japanese Association for Contemporary and Applied Philosophy. (Authors cannot edit or delete their papers after they are published without permissions from the association.)

※ This arrangement is made only for the 2nd CCPEA; it does not have any implication as to future publication arrangements for subsequent events.


25 September 2014
Prof. Masahiko Mizutani
Chair of local Organizing Committee